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Typical Projects

Aviation and Airports Safety and Security

ICAO's Technical Co-operation Programme can
prepare a comprehensive audit of Aviation Security facilities and services for your airport, national and international operations,
draft civil aviation security regulations and airport security service regulations,
emergency plans for response to major incidents of unlawful interference and
carry out objective assessment on the adequacy of existing AVSEC arrangements, issuing findings and recommendations on aviation security facilities and services.

ICAO has helped establish or develop over 70 national training schools for aviation
. Activities have included school planning, equipment procurement, course development, instructor training, etc. Technical co-operation projects are the best way to introduce what is known as ICAO's TRAINAIR Programme into a country.
Planning Studies
Be it a complete Civil Aviation Master Plan for a country or a more modest one of limited scope, ICAO has extensive experience in fielding planning teams made up of experts specifically selected for the particular study desired.
Expert Assistance
Second perhaps only to its training activities is the assistance provided to States through expert advisers. These experts work
alongside national specialists providing needed additional knowledge and, at the same time, on-the-job training. A project may include a single expert, for example, to assist during a major airport project or a large number of experts to strengthen the entire civil aviation department.
Establishing Authorities
This is a particular type of study to advise on the feasibility of establishing a Civil Aviation Authority or an Airport Authority. If it is found feasible to establish such an authority, complementary studies can identify the needed operational and human resource requirements, and assistance projects can be developed to help get new authorities up and running.
Air Transport Studies
Civil aviation is complex and its potential development not always obvious. Air transport experts can analyse the industry or parts of it in a country and provide information to guide in its development. Assistance in establishing user charges and collection procedures may more than pay for the cost of the project.
National Regulations
In many countries national regulations are out of date. Legal expertise can be provided to study local requirements and to draft new legislation.
Other Areas
ICAO's Technical Co-operation Programme works for the most part with national civil aviation departments but it also has experience working with airlines and the aircraft manufacturing industry. Additionally, ICAO has carried out pre-investment studies for banks and other funding institutions.

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