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Word from the TCB Director

Changing Civil Aviation Environment

Rapid technological advancements in civil aviation are necessitating changes in the current practices and current knowledge level. Information Technology, for example, has revolutionised the world and has compelled organisations, including in civil aviation, to do things differently. Since the speed of development seems at times overwhelming, it requires constant and determined effort to keep pace. Some of the notable developments that have impacted civil aviation include:

  1. Globalisation
  2. Planning and implementation of satellite-based CNS/ATM systems
  3. Improvement of flight safety and aviation security oversight
  4. Cost/benefit and cost recovery analyses
  5. Privatization

These and more changes, apart from the need for infrastructure development, require upgrading of the manpower capabilities and restructuring of the civil aviation organisations. Some civil aviation organisations in the Region are in the process of restructuring and their efforts have yielded positive results.

Strategic Approach

To accommodate the changes and meet the growing challenges civil aviation organisations would need to prepare themselves through appropriate reorganisation, restructuring, reengineering and process design strategies.

Self-reliance and privatisation have been indicated as key elements in the change process. However, these aspects need careful examination as these have to be consistent with the obtaining socio-economic realities in the States, which vary widely and substantively in their political orientation, economic profile and socio-cultural milieu. Therefore, while a shift towards self-reliance and privatisation is advisable, careful study and planned interventions will be necessary.

Further ICAO Technical Co-operation Initiatives

ICAO's Technical Co-operation Programme has frequently addressed the issues of organisation and management in numerous Civil Aviation Master Plan and Civil Aviation Development Frameworks that have been prepared for Contracting States. Its expertise in reorganizing and restructuring of civil aviation organisation is recognized and known. ICAO's Technical Cooperation, apart from institution building, developing human resources and addressing various training and non-training needs, remains available in reorganizing, restructuring and re-engineering civil aviation organisations on a pragmatic basis so that core organisational functions are carried out more efficiently as well as the challenges for the future are met effectively.

Swift and demanding changes in the civil aviation environment require establishing and strengthening meaningful and cooperative ties between ICAO and the States to achieve safe and economical civil aviation operations through reoganising civil aviation organisations. ICAO's Technical Co-operation would be forthcoming to address States needs in this regard. Consistent with ICAO's mandate to remain available and provide assistance to different civil aviation organisations among the Contracting States to ensure safe, secure and economic international and domestic civil aviation operations, ICAO Technical Cooperation will continue to assist the States by providing the expertise on an objective, independent, cooperative, collaborative and not-for-profit basis.

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