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Office Automation Unit


  1. Coordinate and manage the development and implementation of the Technical Co-operation Information Systems (TCIS) as outlined in the Bureau's Information Technology Master plan.
  2. Provide advice on all aspects of Automation to D/TCB, ADTC and Bureau Section Chiefs.
  3. Backstop Technical Co-operation Field Projects by providing technical expertise in matters relating to Information Technology.
  4. Participate in the activities of automation committees and study groups in the Bureau. Represent the Bureau in similar committees and groups in the Organization
  5. Supervise and support the current Database Applications both within the various sections of the Bureau, and between the Bureau and the Regular Programme represented by ITS, FIN and other business units.
  6. Coordinate and manage all IT related tasks.

Major areas of interest:

  1. Develop and implement MIS strategic, tactical, and operational plans.
  2. Provide technical support in evaluation, selection, implementation, and maintenance of systems and application software, and hardware.
  3. Identify and analyse IT requirements in HQ, the Regional Offices, and in the field.
  4. Develop information processing policies and procedures.
  5. Develop and maintain user-defined office automation systems and MIS systems.
  6. Provide technical support and on-the-job training on use of automation hardware and software.
  7. Monitor emerging information technologies with a view to their relevance to the evolving IT needs of the Technical Co-operation Programme.

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