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The ICAO advantage

For forty years, ICAO has helped countries around the world improve civil aviation in their countries. The Technical Co-operation Bureau understands the hopes and problems of the developing world and from experience knows how to realize those hopes and overcome those problems.

All the expertise of ICAO is behind its Technical Co-operation Programme. Almost every country in the world is a Contracting State of ICAO. Governments know that ICAO stands for objectivity, impartiality and professionalism and they trust ICAO's judgement and respect its neutrality. They know ICAO will be available for consultation long after a project has ended.

ICAO knows that the transfer of technology in a field as sophisticated as civil aviation takes time, patience and determination. Equipment of all kinds must be procured and installed, technicians must be trained to operate and maintain the equipment and management skills must be developed to ensure that the system works cohesively and efficiently. Drawing on resources throughout the world to achieve those objectives, ICAO has only one aim: to serve the best interests of the countries it assists.

ICAO is a non-profit organization dedicated to making civil aviation safe, efficient and responsive to national needs. That is the ICAO advantage.

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