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Field Operations Section

The Americas

  1. Technical cooperation activities in The Americas region continue to be the most expanded of the global programme, including all ICAO project modalities and a limited UNDP funding. About 97% of project costs are financed by participant Governments.

  2. Most of the States in the region, are being supported through several inter country projects of a pilot nature, which objectives contribute to create a leading assistance capability in key fields of civil aviation development. That is the case of regional projects supporting the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and the regional air navigation plan, in a close coordination with ICAO regular programme and regional air navigation planning and implementation group requirements. The main objectives of these projects are aimed at:

    1. Providing training and assistance for the updating and application of safety oversight regulations and procedures,
    2. Establishing a regional safety oversight cooperation system,
    3. Implementing a satellite digital network in support of aeronautical telecommunications,
    4. Developing a test and evaluation plan on the technical and operational benefits of a wide area augmentation system,
    5. Implementing the transition plan to the new communications, navigation and surveillance and air traffic management systems, and
    6. Establishing a regional capability to provide managerial level training in several civil aviation fields.

  3. In the course of year 2000 and first half of 2001, some 23 country projects are under implementation in 14 States of The Americas region and 20 new technical cooperation project proposals have been prepared for 15 States, involving the following main objectives:

    1. Updating of the basic air law and civil aviation regulations and procedures
    2. Reorganization of the civil aviation administrative structure
    3. Enhancement of safety oversight capability
    4. Airport planning, development and privatization
    5. Air navigation facilities and services planning and implementation
    6. CNS/ATM transition planning and implementation
    7. Renewal of aeronautical telecommunications facilities and radio navigation aids
    8. Implementation of the world geodetic system 84
    9. Participation in the ICAO TRAINAIR Programme
    10. Improving the research and instruction capability of civil aviation training institutions
    11. Human resources training in several civil aviation disciplines, and
    12. Procurement, installation and commissioning of major civil aviation systems and equipment.

  4. Training of civil aviation personnel of several States has been supported during year 2000 and the first three quarters of 2001 with the awarding of 521 fellowships under country and regional projects to attend courses, seminars and workshops in 14 main civil aviation fields. It is relevant to emphasize the Spanish Airport and Air Navigation Authority´s (AENA´s), important role in funding seminars on a yearly basis for the civil aviation personnel of the region.
  5. Participation of The Americas States in the ICAO TRAINAIR Programme continues to be the most expanded among all ICAO regions with technical cooperation support, including ten training centers located in nine States and the potential interest of other seven States in joining the programme. In addition to their regular training activities, ETAC/Ecuador has been designated by ICAO to serve as regional AVSEC training center, and CIPE/Argentina and IAC/Brazil have been recognized as regional safety oversight inspectors training centers.

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