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Field Operations Section

Field operations activities in Africa

FAF activities cover the sub-saharan African States to which the ICAO regional offices in Dakar and Nairobi are accredited.

FAF activities in Africa in recent times have been dominated by safety oversight and aviation security concerns.

Safety Oversight

Two levels of response have been observed;

  1. Individual State responses involving the restructuring of civil aviation organizations, and the
    revision of civil aviation code and regulations especially in respect of safety oversight

    -FAF is working with Senegal, Liberia, Guinea, Congo (RDC), Malawi

  2. Regional groups with already established economic ties are collectively searching for solutions that will minimize costs, reduce redundancy while maximizing available resources and increase efficiency of safety oversight.

    -FAF is working with - SADC, UEMOA to prepare framework for pooling of resources. A recommended option is the COSCAP concept which is already in practice in South Asia.

Aviation Security

Initiatives involve the establishment of effective Civil Aviation Security Plans, and the training of aviation security personnel.

-FAF has provided assistance to Nigeria and Botswana in these areas.

A pilot project including the stages of Audit, Assistance and Post-project Evaluation is being planned for a group of States in West Africa.

Needs in other areas continue to be met.....

Some examples .......

Air transport policy studies

  • Preparation of air transport policy
  • Preparation of framework for civil aviation pricing decisions
  • Definition of a common sectorial air transport policy

    -For Botswana, Ethiopia, UEMOA

Project supervision

Support to Projects Implementation Unit
Contract Management

-In Ethiopia, EAC

Civil Aviation Management

Provision of Aeronautical Information Services
Development of airports

-Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority (CACAS) for Somalia

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