Singapore, 26-30 March 2001

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Information papers
  • ATTF/3-IP/1 - Place and Timings of MeetingAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-IP/1 - Hotel Room RatesAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-IP/2 - AFTN Circuit Loading StatisticsAcrobat Reader
  • Working papers
  • ATTF/3-WP/1 - Provisional AgendaAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/2 - Terms of Reference (TOR) and Subject/Task List of the ATN Transitional Task ForceAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/3 - Proposed Final Draft of the Asia/Pacific ATN AMHS Naming PlanAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/4 - Proposed Final Draft of the Asia/Pacific ATN Addressing PlanAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/5 - Proposed Final Draft of the Asia/Pacific ATN NSAP Addressing RegistrationAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/6 - Proposed 4th Draft of ATN Routing Architecture PlanAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/7 - Proposed Draft of the Asia/Pacific ATN Ground Transition PlanAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/8 - Review Groung-Ground Part of ATN Tables of the ASIA/PAC CNS FASIDAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/9 - Review Status of Implementation of the ASIA/PAC AFTN PlanAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/10 - Proposed Draft AMHS ICDAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/11 - Review of AFTN Circuits CapacityAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/12 - Review of Technical DocumentsAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/13 - Future Tasks for the Asia Pacific ATN Transition Task ForceAcrobat Reader
  • ATTF/3-WP/14 - AFTN Circuit Statistics of TokyoAcrobat Reader
  • Seminar Presentations
  • An Overview of the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN), Jack McConnell, FAA, USAAcrobat Reader
  • ATN Internet Communication Services, Burhan Ocakoglu, EUROCONTROLAcrobat Reader
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Routing, Tom McParland, FAA, USAAcrobat Reader
  • ATN Addressing and Naming, James Moulton, FAA, USAAcrobat Reader
  • AMHS Implementation Issues, Naoto Sakaue, Adviser to JCABAcrobat Reader
  • AIDC, ATS Interfacility Data Communication, Tetsuo Mizoguchi, JapanAcrobat Reader
  • AMHS (ATS Message Handling System)Acrobat Reader
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) Context Management (CM) Overview, Vic Patel, FAA, USAAcrobat Reader
  • Aeronautical Data Link Security, Tom McParland, FAA, USAAcrobat Reader
  • ATN Network Management, James Moulton, FAA, USAAcrobat Reader
  • Air/Ground ATN Implementation, Mike Murphy, ATN Systems, Inc. (ATNSI)Acrobat Reader
  • ATN Industrial Development Status Update, AustraliaAcrobat Reader
  • ATN Activities in Japan, JapanAcrobat Reader
  • Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Implementation in Thailand, Mr. Somnuk Rongthong, Air Traffic Service Engineering Bureau, Aeronautical Radio of Thailand LTD., ThailandAcrobat Reader
  • ATN Activities in Australia, Craig Head, Airservices AustraliaAcrobat Reader
  • SITA AIRCOM ATN Services, AdrianGoodfellow, Aircraft Services, SITAAcrobat Reader
  • Asia/Pacific Regional ATN Transitional Plan, AustraliaAcrobat Reader
  • ICAO ATN Seminar from AFTN to ATN in the Asia/Pacific Region, Dayanthe Athulathmudali, IATA Acrobat Reader
  • Final Report
  • Report of the Third ATN Transition Task Force MeetingAcrobat Reader

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    Mr. K.P. Rimal

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