Fourth Meeting of ASIA/PAC OPMET Management Task Force of CNS/MET Sub-Group of APANPIRG
Bangkok , Thailand , 13 – 16 February 2006


General Information
Information Papers
  • IP/1 - Meeting Bulletin
  • IP/2 - Current Status of Regional OPMET Data Bank – Brisbane
  • IP/3 - Papua New Guinea ROBEX bulletins
  • IP/4 - An Update on Singapore RODB Operations
  • IP/5 - FTP and Internet Access to OPMET Related Information
  • IP/6 - Changes of ICD at RODB Tokyo
  • IP/7 - Current Status of Regional OPMET Data Bank - Tokyo
  • IP/8 - Changes of AFTN Address at Tokyo ROBEX C
  • IP/9 - OPMET Data Banks in India
  • IP/10 - Asia/Pacific Regional Planning for Transition to BUFR OPMET
Working Papers
  • WP/1 - Provisional Agenda
  • WP/2 - Term of References (TOR) and Work Programme of the OPMET/M Task Force
  • WP/3 - Review Outcome from CNS/MET SG/9 and APANPIRG/16 Meetings on OPMET Issues
  • WP/4 - Question on Format of OPMET AFTN Response Messages
  • WP/5 - Suggested Procedures for OPMET Quality Control
  • WP/6 - Review Outcome of SADISOPSG/10
  • WP/7 - New OPMET Bulletins and Exchange Procedures for the South Pacific
  • WP/8 - Availability of Long TAF (FT) VDSR information
  • WP/9 - Availability, Compliance and Regularity Indices of ASIA/PAC OPMET and MID EAST Bulletins
  • WP/10 - Availability of OPMET Information from AOP and Non-AOP Aerodromes
  • WP/11 - Updated Contents and Operations of Bangkok RODB
  • WP/12 - Review of Action Item List
  • WP/13 - Quality Management of OPMET Exchange under the ROBEX Scheme
  • WP/14 - Real-Time Exercising the Back-up Procedure by RODBs Bangkok & Singapore
  • WP/15 - Progress with SIGMET Tests – WC and WV
  • WP/16 - Result of Study for the Use of the Binary Universal Form Representation Meteorological Data (BUFR)
  • WP/17 - AMHS Requirements for Transition to BUFR Code
  • WP/18 - Current Status of ROBEX Handbook and ASIA/PAC ICD
  • WP/19 - Observations by Hong Kong, China on SIGMET Reception

Horizontal Line

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Mr. Dimitar H. Ivanov