The Forth Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/4)
Bangkok, Thailand, 25 – 28 October 2005



Information Papers
  • IP/1 - List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)
  • IP/2 - Acceptable Level of Safety within the Airspace of Hong Kong, China
  • IP/3 - Draft Document 9859 – ICAO Safety Management Manual
  • IP/4 - Required Communication Performance (RCP) Concepts – An Introduction
  • IP/6 - Outcomes of the 42nd DGCA Conference in relation to RASMAG
Working Papers
  • WP/1 - Provisional Agenda
  • WP/2 - Outcomes of APANPIRG/16 in relation to RASMAG
  • WP/3 - Review of RASMAG/3 ATS Safety Management Seminar
  • WP/4 - Outcomes of South East Asia – ATS Safety Management SIP
  • WP/5 - Draft of a Handbook To Guide Monitoring In The International Airspace of the Asia/Pacific Region in connection with Introduction and Continued Safe Use of an Horizontal-Plane Separation Minimum where Required Navigation Performance RNP) Is Applied
  • WP/6 - Review of RASMAG Task List
  • WP/7 - Outcomes of Special ATS Coordination Meeting for RVSM Task Force – Review of Western Pacific/South China Sea (WPAC/SCS) Flight Level Orientation Scheme (FLOS)
  • WP/8 - Guidance Material – Data Link Ground Equipment
  • WP/9 - Summary of the Report of the First Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency Board
  • WP/10 - Progress Report on Safety Monitoring Agency (SMA) Establishment for Asia Region
  • WP/12 - List of Air Navigation Deficiencies in the ATM/AIS/AR fields

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