The ICAO Secretariat


The ICAO Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General. It is divided into five main divisions: Air Navigation Bureau, Air Transport Bureau, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, Technical Co-operation Bureau, Administration and Services Bureau.


In order that the work of the Secretariat shall reflect a truly international approach, senior personnel are recruited on a broad geographical basis for their technical expertise in the fields required by the work at ICAO. In addition to the regular staff, the services of experts are obtained from time to time by loan or secondment from member states or other international organizations. Clerical or secretarial employees are generally recruited locally in the area where the Organization has offices.


ICAO Headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada, whereas the seven regional offices are located as follows:

  1. Bangkok – Asia & Pacific Office;
  2. Cairo – Middle East Office;
  3. Dakar – Western & Central African Office;
  4. Lima – South American Office;
  5. Mexico – North American, Central American & Caribbean Office;
  6. Nairobi – Eastern & Southern African Office;
  7. Paris – European & North Atlantic Office.


The postmark on the above cover, sent to the Secretariat of ICAO, is dated 27 July 1956; it still shows the characteristics of the French Protectorate, while Morocco's independence was proclaimed on 2 March 1956; Empire Cherifien is the old name, in French, for the Kingdom of Morocco before its independence.

After winning independence in 1956, stamps with the name Maroc, issued before the independence (in the above example: in July 1955), remained in circulation for some time thereafter.