Other flaws in the emblems


The prior chapter outlines the errors in the emblem of the Organization, whereas this chapter focuses on inadequate designs of the ICAO emblem and on errors in the UN emblem found in material of the ICAO philatelic collection.


United Nations (New York) – 9 February 1955

10th Anniversary of the interim Agreement and the first PICAO meeting

First Day Cover - Ken Boll design/Craft cachet; Douglas DC-3 aircraft.

Errors in the UN emblem: One concentric circle is missing; incorrect layout of the continents.


Mali – 10 November 1975- 30th Anniversary of United Nations Charter

UN emblem and names of the Specialized Agencies (including OACI, Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale, in the right branch of the letter N) forming the acronym ONU (Organisation des Nations Unies). 

The diagonals must cross the inner circle of the UN logo. Moreover, the olive branches must be curved according to the roundness of the outer circle.


Yemen – 20 September 1985 - 40th Anniversary of ICAO

This souvenir sheet shows a poor (hand-drawn) design of the ICAO emblem: the wings are not correctly hooked to the center part of the logo and hence provide an overall uneven aspect of the design.


Uganda – 14 November 1994 - 50th Anniversary of ICAO

       Unusual (hand-drawn) design of the ICAO emblem in the cachet.