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Who should attend?

The Symposium is open for participation by States, international organizations and regional bodies. The meeting is particularly useful for senior officials from the civil aviation administrations/authorities, and airports and air navigation services providers, who are responsible for the economics and management of airports and air navigation services.

Is there interpretation?

The Symposium will be conducted in English with French interpretation.

Associated fees?

There is no attendance fee.

The travel and daily subsistence costs for participants are the responsibility of the participating State/Organization. It is recommended that participants obtain necessary visas prior to travel from their country of origin.

General Information

It is required to inform Uganda CAA (Mr. Sam Muneeza, e-mail: smuneeza@caa.co.ug or telephone: +256-414-321435 or Mr. Ignie Igunduura, e-mail: iigunduura@caa.co.ug or telephone: +256-752-721414) 10 days prior to arrival for transportation from airport to hotel. 

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