Meeting of the Regional Officers/AGA
ICAO Headquarters, Montreal, 8 to 10 April 2002

Participants, Meeting of Regional Officers/AGA
lst row: Florence Lan-Hing-Lit (AGA section), Mary Margiottiello (AGA section), Vladimir Zubkov (C/RAO), Dr. Assad Kotaite, President of the ICAO Council, Jack Howell, Director, ANB, Arun K.R. Rao, (C/AGA), Yong Wang (TO/AGA)
2nd row: Kam Wan Cheong (RO/AGA, Bangkok), L. Ndiwaita (RO/AGA, Nairobi), N. Abdel Hady (RO/AGA, Cairo), J.C. Waffo (RO/AGA, Dakar)
3rd row: Alistair Pinos (TA/AGA), Gunnar Emausson (RO/IMPL, Paris), Michiel Vreedenburgh (RO/AGA, Mexico), Samuel Cardoso (RO/AGA, Lima)

The above photograph was taken during the first ever meeting of all Regional Officers dealing with Aerodromes and Ground Aids which was held at the ICAO Headquarters from 8 to 10 April 2002. The objective of this three-day meeting was to discuss the Secretariat plans to assist States in the implementation of the new requirement for aerodromes to be certified in accordance with Amendment 4 to Annex 14, Volume I, adopted by the Council in March 2001 and applicable from 1 November 2001. The meeting will enable the Regional Offices to organize workshops in the respective regions for the benefit of States and airports.

Certification of airports is in line with States' obligations under the Chicago Convention to provide safe and adequate airports and air navigation facilities and services. Furthermore, this is deemed a precursor to the expansion of the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Programme (USOAP) from 2004.