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As producer of the International Standards for Civil Aviation, ICAO requires a steady flow of new information and documentation. The organization, maintenance, dissemination and disposition of a vast array of records are one of the main responsibilities of the Records and Web Management (RWM) Section. In addition to ICAO’s Central Registry maintaining all official records in registry files, the Section is also responsible for the operation of the ICAO Library and Archives maintaining a collection of publications of the United Nations and other specialized agencies, including books, periodicals and documents on aviation and related subjects as well as historical records from the field of civil aviation.

RWM customers range from members of National Delegations and Secretariat staff, to delegates attending various meetings and numerous outside visitors, researchers, students, and journalists. Finding more efficient and effective ways for providing the required information and documentation in a timely manner is our priority.

As Administrator of the ICAO's public website, RWM is responsible for maintaining its contents, appearance and in cooperation with other bureaux, for its relevance to the general public. The Section is also responsible for the administration of the restricted website known as ICAO-NET, serving as the main source of information on ICAO activities for the Civil Aviation Administration and other governmental agencies of Contracting States involved in aviation matters.

RWM is also responsible for the preparation and production of various CD-ROMs and maintenance of the ICAO eShop website and other on-line products. RWM assigns ISBN/ISSN to all saleable ICAO publications. The Section is also participating in logistic support to the governing bodies, ICAO Secretariat and meetings organized at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal as well as providing over-the-counter sales of ICAO publications.

For more information you may contact:

Ondrej Fabrici
Chief, Records and Web Management (RWM) Section