CREATE A WEB PAGE: Introduction to HTML Lesson 4:
How to organize your Web page?

Objective: Given a task to prepare a Web page, you will be able to decide on a theme, gather information, organize the content, and estimate time involved.

In order to organize your Web page, the following steps are recommended:

  • Decide on a theme
    (Each page should have a main topic. Develop your topic from top to bottom - from general to more specific)
  • Gather information
    (It could be either existing information or you might need to write something new, create images, scan some documentation)
  • Plan your Web page
    (Organize information by dividing the content into sections. If a section is too big, break it down and create new pages)
  • Estimate time involved
    (Allow enough time to gather all the information required, prepare plans, develop the HTML code, and test the page)

Tip: Check the Internet for similar pages. A lots of time might be saved by reusing an already existing page, or page layout.
Make sure that a page you are planning to create does not already exist, or is not being developed by somebody else. Combine forces and have double the pleasure in half the time

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