CREATE A WEB PAGE: Introduction to HTML Lesson 1:
What is the World Wide Web?

Objective: Asked to define the Internet and the World Wide Web, you will be able to offer functional definitions of both concepts.

The Internet began in the late 1960s as an experiment of the U.S. Defense Department. Through a military research project, the U.S. Government wanted to create a network that would cover a large geographic area and could withstand a nuclear attack. In other words, if part of the network failed, information could still find a new route around the disabled computers. Soon after, the net included American scientists and researchers.

Internet definition
Internet is a collection of computer networks, a network of thousands of networks around the world, sharing and exchanging digital information via a common set of networking and software protocols such as TCP/IP, ftp, gopher, hypertext transmission protocol (http), and telnet.

Elements of the Internet
Today, Internet offers a number of services. They include electronic mail, discussion groups, collections of information and documents, and also the World Wide Web.

Web definition
World Wide Web is also known as simply Web or WWW. Besides e-mail, Web is the most popular and most used part of the Internet. The WWW can be thought of as a universe of linked multimedia information within the Internet. It is also a hypertext system that allows users to "travel through" linked documents, following any chosen route.

Tip: Web site is a collection of Web pages maintained by some organization
Web server is a computer connected to the Internet that makes Web pages available to the World
Web page is a document on the Web
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a unique address used to display a particular Web page

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