Working Structure

List of active working groups
Name Task Rapporteur Status
ACP Aeronautical Communications Panel n/a Active
ACP-WG-F Spectrum management Michael Biggs Active
ACP-WG-F-Handbook Review & Update of Frequency Spectrum Handbok Robert Witzen Active
ACP-WG-I Internet protocol suite Andy COLON Active
ACP-WG-M Maintenance of air-ground and ground-ground communication systems material Robert A. FRAZIER Active
ACP-WG-S Airport Surface a/g datalink tbd Active
ACP-WG-T Future communications technology John MacBRIDE Active
ACP-WG-W ACP Working Group of the Whole n/a Active
SEMINAR ACP Seminars n/a Active
List of inactive working groups
Name Task Rapporteur Status
---- Inactive
ACP-WG-A Satellite communications n/a Inactive
ACP-WG-B VHF spectrum planning Robert A. FRAZIER Inactive
ACP-WG-C Future air-ground data links John MacBRIDE Inactive
ACP-WG-C-UAT Development of draft SARPs and guidance material for the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) George LIGLER Inactive
ACP-WG-D VHF air-ground data links n/a Inactive
ACP-WG-E High frequency (HF) data link n/a Inactive
ACP-WG-M-Iridium Development of an IRIDIUM manual Robert J KERCZEWSKI Inactive
ACP-WG-N Networking Jean-Yves PIRAM Inactive
ACP-WG-N-AMSG ATN maintenance sub-group (WG M and WG N) n/a Inactive
ACP-WG-N-SWG1 Internet communication services Kelly KITCHENS Inactive
ACP-WG-N-SWG2 Air-ground applications Frederic PICARD Inactive
ACP-WG-N-SWG3 Ground-ground applications Jean-Marc VACHER Inactive
ACP-WG-N-SWG4 Network security Tom McPARLAND Inactive
AMCP Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel n/a Inactive
AMCP-WG-W AMCP Working Group of the Whole n/a Inactive
AMSSP Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service Panel n/a Inactive
ATNP Aeronautical Telecommunications Panel n/a Inactive