ADREP 2000


This page contains the ADREP 2000 standard as defined by an international working group chaired by ICAO and implemented in version 4.2.6 of ECCAIRS

The sub-taxonomy files below can be accessed by clicking on the titles in the left-hand column. All files are PDF in A4 format (installation of Acrobat Reader is required to read these files).  

Aircrafts ATM by designator 28 October 2005  The aircraft type designators grouped by designator
Aircrafts ATM by Manufacturer 28 October 2005  The aircraft type designators grouped by manufacturer
Aircrafts make/model 28 October 2005  The aircraft make/model grouped by manufacturer
Air Navigation Services 28 October 2005  The air navigation services
ATM Rating and endorsement types 28 October 2005  The ATM Rating and endorsement types based on Eurocontrol standards
Aviation operations 28 October 2005  The Aviation operations definitions as newly defined for ADREP 2000
Descriptive factors 28 October 2005  Descriptive factors that can be assigned to describe events
Engines 28 October 2005  Engine models grouped by manufacturer
Events 28 October 2005  The new event types used to code what happened
Event phases 28 October 2005  Phases of flight in which specific events take place
Explanatory factors 28 October 2005  These factors explain why an event took place
Fuels 28 October 2005  The type of fuels that can have been used
Pilot license types 28 October 2005  The type of licenses for flight crew
Locations by Indicator 28 October 2005  Location indicators sorted by indicator code
Locations by State 28 October 2005  Location indicators sorted by state
Modifiers 28 October 2005  Modifiers to be applied to descriptive and explanatory factors
Occurrence classifications 28 October 2005  Classifications of occurrences related to seriousness
Operators 28 October 2005  Operators sorted by state
Organisations and persons 28 October 2005  Organisations and persons that can be linked to explanatory factors
Propellers 28 October 2005  Propeller Manufacturers
Recommendations 28 October 2005  Recommendation categories
Reporting forms 28 October 2005  Specific reporting form types in use
States  28 October 2005  States as used in State of occurrence and State reporting and state of registry
Attribute values by attribute 28 October 2005  Values of attributes for each attribute
Topics, Sections and Attributes 28 October 2005  Topics, Sections and Attributes of the default ADREP 2000 view in ECCAIRS
Attrribute values by section 28 October 2005  Topics, Sections, Attributes and values for ECCAIRS 4
Entities and attributes 28 October 2005  The base entities and their attributes