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Preliminary Report :

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Data Report :

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Method of Submission:

Please note that ICAO prefers submissions to the sent through electronic format to the ADREP email box ( Please also note that when information on the occurrence is available in ADREP 2000 compatible format (e.g. ECCARIS format) a copy of the electronic file (e.g. E4F) should be attached to the notification email.

Submission in non elelctronic format should be sent to ICAO at the following address:

International Civil Aviation Organization
999 University Street, Montreal, Quebec H3C 5H7, Canada
Tel.:  + 1 (514) 954-8219; Fax:  + 1 (514) 954-6077; SITATEX:  YULCAYA

Please further note that when final reports contain safety recommendations addressed to ICAO, the submission to ICAO of the final report (even if it is soft-copy only) must be accompanied by a letter to ICAO that outlines the specific action proposed.