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The Flight Safety and Human Factors Programme has produced the manuals and circulars listed below. In general terms, ICAO manuals are large, permanent documents which address long standing issues. They are updated periodically. In contrast, circulars are typically shorter documents that address one specific topic that is of immediate, but not necessarily long term concern. Circulars may also address evolving issues, the solution of which are not yet mature enough to be included in manuals. Circulars will no longer be printed when the topic is no longer of interest. Alternatively, the material addressed in a circular may be incorporated into a manual. Manuals and circulars are available for purchase.

ICAO Manuals

Human Factors Training Manual
Part one introduces basic aviation Human Factors concepts. Part two outlines Human Factors training Programmemes for operational personnel.
Doc 9683
Human Factors Guidelines for Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems
This manual contains guidance for States and equipment providers to incorporate Human Factors knowledge into the design and certification of ATM-related technology and procedures.
Doc 9758
Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)
This manual contains guidance to assist operators with the implementation of audits to capture safety data during normal airline data.
Doc 9803
Human Factors Guidelines for Safety Audits Manual
This manual provides standard procedures for the conduct and safety oversight audits, with respect to safety issues related to operational and human performance.
Doc 9806
Human Factors in Civil Aviation Security Operations
This manual is an introduction to the latest information on relevant Human Factors considerations in civil aviation security operations.
Doc 9808
Human Factors Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance Manual
This manual is an introduction to the control of human error and the development of countermeasures to errors in the aircraft maintenance environment.
Doc 9824

ICAO Circulars

The circulars listed below are also referred to as “Human Factors Digests”. The corresponding reference numbers are listed.

Human Factors Digest No. 5: Operational Implications of Automation in Advanced Technology Flight Decks
Introduces basic Human Factors considerations in the operation and training of advanced-technology flight deck aircraft.
Circular 234
Human Factors Digest No. 7: Investigation of Human Factors in Accidents and Incidents
Discusses the background and introduces a protocol for the investigation of Human Factors issues in accidents and incidents.
Circular 240
Human Factors Digest No. 8: Human Factors in Air Traffic Control
Discusses basic Human Factors issues in air traffic control, including workstation design and personnel selection and training.
Circular 241
Human Factors Digest No. 10: Human Factors, Management and Organization
Introduces the concept of systemic safety, and presents the background information as well as a protocol to implement safety Programmes.
Circular 247
Human Factors Digest No. 11: Human Factors in CNS/ATM Systems
Introduces the concept of human-centered automation.
Circular 249
Human Factors Digest No. 12: Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection
Discusses basic Human Factors issues in aircraft maintenance and inspection, including maintenance personnel selection and training.
Circular 253
Human Factors Digest No. 15: Human Factors in Cabin Safety
Introduces relevant Human Factors considerations for aircraft passenger cabin safety.
Circular 300
Human Factors Digest No. 16: Cross-Cultural Factors in Aviation Safety
Provides awareness of cultural interfaces and the impact of cross-cultural factors on aviation safety.
Circular 302
Draft Circular: Threat and Error Management (TEM) in Air TRaffic Control

These publications are listed in the Catalogue of ICAO Publications and Audio-visual Training Aids and can be ordered from the Document Sales Unit. In addition the Annexes may be purchased individually or all together on a CD.

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