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Welcome to the website of the Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIG) Divisional Meeting 2008 (AIG/08), which will be held in Montreal in October 2008.

The meeting is called for to discuss subjects in the fields of aircraft accident investigation and accident prevention.

The theme of the meeting is "Developing investigations to enhance safety worldwide". In this respect, the meeting would address a number of important provisions in Annex 13 — Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation with a view to further improving and amplifying the scope of investigations in a cost-effective environment.

The meeting would also discuss, among other issues, the future of accident and incident investigations, aimed at helping some States through the development of regional investigation bodies.

Representatives from aircraft accident investigation authorities of all Contracting States and regional and international safety organizations have been invited and are strongly encouraged to participate.

The website is for easy access to information regarding the meeting. All papers should be submitted directly to ICAO through the normal means and not through this website.

The website will be gradually enhanced with additional information and links. We invite you to visit periodically the website for the latest information on the AIG Divisional Meeting.