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  1. Biographies of Speakers

Opening Session

  1. Welcoming address by Dr. Taïeb Chérif, Secretary General, ICAO
  2. Keynote Address by Mr. Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Session 1: Carbon Markets 

  1. Status and structure of carbon markets, Andrew Howard, Programme Officer, UNFCCC
  2. State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2008, Jari Vayrynen, World Bank
  3. Aviation and Carbon Markets On-going work on ICAO/CAEP, Kalle Keldusild, ICAO/CAEP

Session 2: Assessing Aviation Emissions

  1. Estimating emissions from international aviation, Andrew Howard, Programme Officer, UNFCCC
  2. Assessing Aviation Emissions: Models, Dr. Urs Ziegler, ICAO/CAEP
  3. ICAO Carbon Emission Calculator, Methodology And Tool, Celso Sawaia, ICAO
  4. The use of non-CO2 multipliers for the climate impact of aviation, Dr. David Fahey, Chemical Sciences Division NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
  5. Aviation and mitigation of climate change, Dr. Olivier Boucher, Head Climate Chemistry and Ecosystems Team, Met Office
  6. Aviation in a dual role: Contributing both to Climate Change and its Mitigation, Dr. Gilles Fournier, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) Panel

Session 3: Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)

  1. Emissions Trading: What is it for? Where has it got to? What is its future? What role for aviation?, Mr. Henry Derwent, President, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
  2. The EU ETS and its extension to aviation, Mr. Philip Good, DG Environment - European Commission
  3. The Norwegian Emissions Trading System, Mr. Dag Svarstad, Norwegian Ministry of Environment
  4. Australian ETS, Mr. Dave Southgate, Aviation Environment Policy, Aviation Operations Branch, Australia
  5. New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme, Mr. Phil Gurnsey, Manager Climate Change Policy New Zealand Ministry for the Environment
  6. Turning the Corner, Canada's Regulatory Framework for Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Mrs. Suzanne Loney, Environment Canada
  7. Japanese Voluntary Carbon Market, Mr. Takashi Hongo, Special Advisor and Director General Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Session 4: Carbon Markets

  1. The Canadian Regulated Environmental Market, Mr. Léon Bitton, Vice-President, Research and Development of the Montréal Exchange
  2. Clean development mechanism and joint implementation, Mr. Andrew Howard, Climate Change Secretariat
  3. The Role of Project-based Mechanisms in Helping Airlines Meet Future Greenhouse Gas Limitations, Mr. Douglas Russell, Managing Director, NATSOURCE
  4. CDM/JI and Carbon Offset Programs, Mr. Robert Oden, Senior Commercialisation Manager, EcoSecurities
  5. UK Government Quality Assurance Scheme for Carbon Offsets, Mr. Danny Jowers, United Kingdom Ministry of Transport
  6. Carbon Offsettings, Dr. Ing. Karlheinz Haag, Head Group Environmental Concepts, Lufthansa, for IATA
  7. Carbon offset Programmes, Mr. Kjell Olav Kristiansen, Director Advisory Services, Point Carbon
  8. TerraPass, Overview of Consumer Carbon Offset Purchasing, Mr. Erik Blachford, CEO, Terrapass
  9. Code of Best Practices for Carbon Offsetting in the Voluntary Market, Ms. Jacqueline Kuehnel, Carbon Neutral Company

Session 5: Creating Global Schemes
Sharing initial information on main issues involved

  1. Creating Global Schemes, MARGAREE Consultants, Dr. E. Haites, MARGAREE Consultants Inc.
  2. Creating global schemes – views from the European Commission, Mr. Philip Good, Good, Clean Air and Transport Unit, DG Environment, European Commission
  3. Issues for considering Global Aviation Emissions, Ms. Maryalice Locke, Office of Environment and Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S.A.
  4. A View from the Asia Pacific, Mr. David Southgate, Aviation Environment Policy, Aviation Operations Branch, Australia

Session 6: Emerging discussions on Financing mitigation and adaptation

  1. Scaling up financial flows for adapting to climate change, Mr. Andrew Howard, Programme Officer, UNFCCC
  2. World Bank Group Strategic Framework on Climate Change and Development & New Financing Iniatives for Mitigation and Adaptation, Mr. Jari Väyrynen, Sr. Environmental Specialist Carbon Unit Fund

Session 7: Round Table
Views from main Stakeholders on the participation of international aviation in carbon markets

  1. ANSPs and Emissions Trading, Mr. Ian Jopson, CANSO
  2. The participation of international aviation in carbon markets, Mr. Andreas Hardeman, IATA

Closing Remarks

  1. Mrs. Folasade Odutola, Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

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